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About Us

About Us

Taj – Founder & Fitness Professional

Hi, my name is Taj Williams, founder and lead trainer at Full Focus Fitness!

I am a firm believer that it takes someone who understands what you’re going through to really guide you through your journey! If you’ve never had health challenges you don’t know how it feels! That’s what makes me such a valuable weight loss specialist. I’ve taken the journey and experienced all the ups and downs! I felt insecure about my body! I felt wrong in my own skin! I remember the fat jokes. I went through the struggles! That’s why I fight for people and their fitness goals! I made a choice long ago and committed my full focus on a goal to transform my body and mind. With discipline and determination I lost over 80lbs! This transformation in my own life planted the seed for Full Focus Fitness. It was important for me to create a fitness platform that is easy and accessible to all people.

Mark – Certified Personal Trainer

Hi, my name is Mark Granville. I’m a Certified Personal Trainer and former athlete.

I went to North Carolina A&T State University where I received a BS in Industrial Engineering, played Basketball, and developed a passion for fitness. After graduating in 2017, and allowing my job overtake my life for months, I negated my health and realized I was no longer able to give my best because I didn’t feel or look my best. Since then, I’ve devoted my entire being to not only focusing on my physical and mental health, but helping others get out of that point. My mission is to help men, women, and children shed stubborn fat, build lean muscle, and take control of their health. I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum(underweight and overweight), and that’s where I believe I provide the most value. I’m a firm believer that everyday you make a decision to either get better or worse, but it’s impossible to stay the same. I specialize in strength and conditioning, and I want to help you continuously strive to be the best version of yourself!

Diamond – Assistant

My name is Diamond Long, and as apart of the Full Focus Fitness team I am here to assist! My goal is to make this a wonderful and seamless experience, so that you may FOCUS and CONQUER your goals with our trainers.

I’m a Columbus, Oh native. Outside of if the Full Focus family, I am a student that loves to travel and spend time with loved ones!

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